Shandowlyon is THE BEST CANDIDATE to represent District #1 as MPS School Board Director.

Why should you vote for Shandowlyon?

Shandowlyon earned an Associate's degree, Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, Education Specialist degree, and Doctorate degree.

Shandowlyon holds a teacher's license, principal's license, director of instruction license, director of student services and special education license, and superintendent's license.

Shandowlyon served as a handicapped child assistant, paraprofessional, special education teacher, assistant principal, principal, central office administrator, district administrator, adjunct faculty, and DPI director.


Shandowlyon understands what parents want.

When Shandowlyon attended her son's first IEP meeting, she was "talked down to" and vowed no one would ever speak to her that way again.  That was the beginning of her personal journey toward improving herself through education. Shandowlyon wore her "parent hat" throughout her career as she developed effective partnerships with parents. Shandowlyon presented keynote addresses and workshops to parents about how to advocate for their children. Shandowlyon appeared on TV and radio, providing a parent voice locally and nationally.  Most recently, Shandowlyon facilitated Family Leadership Institutes training Milwaukee parents in skills needed to fight for their children's rights.  Shandowlyon validates home-based parental involvement, supports school-based parental involvement; and, encourages parents to use their power at the state and national levels.  Shandowlyon speaks out against efforts to blame parents for poor academic performance at MPS.  Shandowlyon speaks out against shaming parents for choosing what is best for their children. Shandowlyon elevates parents as students' first teachers who know what is best for their children.  Shandowlyon will forge powerful partnerships with MPS parents to demand what is right and what is just - a high-quality education that prepares students for transition, careers, and/or college.

"School boards lead and govern the schools and educational programs of our local, public school districts", Wisconsin Association of School Baords.

Our current MPS board has done a very poor job.  It's time for new leadership.  It's time for Shandowlyon to lead with her Priorities and BILL OF RIGHTS FOR STUDENTS.

Improve Student Academic Achievement

Shandowlyon will reverse the trajectory of academic failure.  Less than 10% of MPS students can read and do math on grade level.  Colleges, universities, and businesses can rest assured that MPS students will graduate job, career, and college ready.  Shandowlyon's Bill of Rights is a 20-point education policy to improve student performance.

Improve Districtwide Culture & Climate

Shandowlyon will reverse the trajectory of poor climate and culture, district-wide.  A belief-based culture will ensure that students and teachers feel safe.  In partnership with the labor union, the climate of the district will become achievement-based with a razor focus on providing teachers with what they need to teach so that our students can learn.

Fill Teacher Vacancies

Shandowlyon will reverse the trajectory  of year after year on-going vacancies, particularly in high-need schools.  Every student deserves a properly DPI-certified teacher.  Shandowlyon will work with colleges/universities, community partners, and businesses to develop strategies including alternative certification programs similar to the one Shandowlyon completed.

Improve transparency and proper use of education dollars

Shandowlyon will reverse the trajectory of poor fiscal management. Taxpayers have the right to know how their tax dollars are being spent.  Shandowlyon will partner with all stakeholders to ensure complete transparency in creating the district budget and spending tax dollars.  

School Board Member Duties per the Wisconsin Association of School Boards.


The school board adopts academic standards for pupils and establishes expectations for education in the district. The school board monitors student achievement and exercises general supervision over the schools.


Policymaking covers the broad range of rules and regulations that school boards enact, alter or repeal. Board policies are the basis of school district operations. It is through policy-making that the board takes action.


Research has shown that the board-administrator relationship is central to the success of the district. In essence, the school board determines what needs to happen and the district administrator and staff determine how to make it happen.


Evaluation is a continuous function that applies to policies, people, and programs. Regular evaluation of all facets of school operations uncovers areas of success and opportunities in the school system and establishes a basis for future action.


Nothing conveys what is important to a school board more than the budget it adopts. The board uses public input to align resources with the school system’s vision and goals.


There are times when school board members need to take the story of the district’s success to the public, building support for public education. At other times, listening becomes the key
communication strategy, understanding the values and concerns of the community, so that appropriate priorities can be established.

Are you ready for change?

What will happen if we don't elect Shandowlyon to the MPS Board on April 4th?

Student achievement will remain stagnated.  Parents will continue to be forced to enroll children in low-performing schools because we lack high-quality schools in some zip code areas. Wisconsin's Institutes of Higher Education and apprenticeship programs will continue to be challenged by students who lack college preparation. Businesses and employers will continue to be challenged by high school graduates who are not ready for careers. The Wisconsin Constitution calls for a sound basic education that the legislature defined as including mathematics, science, reading, writing, geography, history, arts, music, vocation training, social science, health, physical education, and foreign languages. Without much-needed changes to education policy, we will fail to move Wisconsin Forward due to miseducation and undereducation of students.



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